Template:Sister A poem is a form of literature in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities.


Poem (poem), n. Po"em [L. poëma, Gr. (?), fr. (?) to make, to compose, to write, especially in verse: cf. F. poëme.]

  1. A metrical composition; a composition in verse written in certain measures, whether in blank verse or in rhyme , and characterized by imagination and poetic diction; -- contradistinguished from prose; as, the poems of Homer or of Milton .
  2. A composition, not in verse, of which the language is highly imaginative or impassioned; as, a prose poem; the poems of Ossian .[1]

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  • Protein Optimization with Energy Methods - Utilizing the BOINC network of shared computing to perform computational protein folding.
  • Professional Organization of English Majors - a fictional organization often referenced on the radio series A Prairie Home Companion

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