This is a glossary of poetry terminology.

Measures of verseEdit

Types of metreEdit

Below, "short/long" definitions of a syllable of classical languages correspond to "unstressed/stressed" of English language.


  • tetrabrach or proceleusmatic: short-short-short-short
  • quartus paeon: short-short-short-long
  • tertius paeon: short-short-long-short
  • minor ionic, or double iamb: short-short-long-long
  • secundus paeon: short-long-short-short
  • diamb: short-long-short-long
  • antispast: short-long-long-short
  • first epitrite: short-long-long-long
  • primus paeon: long-short-short-short
  • choriamb: long-short-short-long
  • ditrochee: long-short-long-short
  • second epitrite: long-short-long-long
  • major ionic: long-long-short-short
  • third epitrite: long-long-short-long
  • fourth epitrite: long-long-long-short
  • dispondee: long-long-long-long

Verse formsEdit

See alsoEdit

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