John Wilson Bengough (1851-1923) in Canadian Singers and their Songs, 1919. Courtesy Internet Archive.

John Wilson Bengough
Born April 7. 1851
Died October 2, 1923
Occupation newspaper cartoonist

John Wilson Bengough (April 7, 1851 - October 2, 1923) was a Canadian poet, cartoonist, journalist, and lecturer.


John Wilson Bengough Plaque

John Wilson Bengough 1851-1923 plaque, Toronto. Photo by Alan M. Brown. Reprinted from'.

Bemgough was born in Toronto, but grew up in Whitby, Ontario.

He first worked as a cartoonist for the Globe in 1871. In 1873 he left to found Grip, a weekly humour magazine that he edited and and published himself out of Toronto from 1873 until 1892.[1]

The Canadian Encyclopedia tells us that Grip "established itself by ridiculing PM John A. Macdonald during the Pacific Scandal" of 1873. "Indeed, our mental picture of Macdonald, with his sly posture, witty mouth and whisky nose, owes much to Bengough's treatment."[1]

The Encyclopedia describes Bengough as "a 19th-century social radical, to whom communalism, vegetarianism, feminism, antivivisectionism and prohibition combined in one vast utopian ideal."[1]

In 1892 he became a newspaper cartoonist for the Montreal Star, and later did the same job at Toronto Globe.[2]

In later life he worked as a journalist, and gave frequent lectures (called "chalk-talks").[1]

Bengough died of a heart attack at his drawing board.


The small town in Bengough, in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, is named after him.

The Art Gallery of Ontario presented an exhibition of Bengough's drawings in 1969.



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  • Life and Work of J.W. Bengough (No date), by Thomas Bengough.


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