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Edward lucie smith

Edward Lucie-Smith in 2006. Photo by Pierre Argentov. Licensed under Creative Commons, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

John Edward McKenzie Lucie-Smith (born 27 February 1933) is an English poet, art critic, curator, broadcaster and author of exhibition catalogues.


Lucie-Smith was born in Kingston, Jamaica, moving to the United Kingdom in 1946. He studied at King's School, Canterbury, and then read history at Merton College, Oxford.[1]

After serving in the Royal Air Force as an education officer, and then working in advertising for 10 years, as a copywriter, he became a full-time writer.[1] He succeeded Philip Hobsbaum in organising The Group, a London-centred poets' group.[2]

He has published more than 100 books, including more than 60 books on art, several of which are used as standard texts.[1]

At the beginning of the 1980s he conducted several series of interviews, Conversations with Artists, for BBC Radio 3.

Publications Edit


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Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy WorldCat.[4]

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