by George J. Dance

David Bates
Born March 6, 1809
Indian Hill, Ohio
Died January 25, 1870 (aged 60)
Occupation buyer
Nationality American
Citizenship United States U.S.
Children Stockton
Poeticalworksofd00bate 0007

The Poetical Works of David Bates, 1870. Courtesy Archive.

David Bates (March 6, 1809 - January 25, 1870) was an American poet.[1] A successful merchant, he was sometimes referred to as the "Broker Poet".[2]


Bates was born at Indian Hill, Ohio. He began working as a clerk in Buffalo, New York. Later he went to work in a mercantile house in Indianapolis, Indiana, eventually becoming the buyer and a full member of the company, and settling in Philadelphia with his family.[1]

Bates became a man of letters and contributed to journals. In 1849 he published a volume of poetry, Eolian.[1]


His son Stockton, who published his father's collected works after his death, wrote that "Two of his poems, `Speak Gently,' and `Childhood,' have attained a world-wide reputation; while the former of these, by translation into other languages, has become almost a universal hymn" (Poetical Works [Philadelphia, 1870]: vii).[1]

"Speak Gently" gained even more fame after Lewis Carroll parodied it in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.[1]

Stanza 3 of Bates's "Speak Gently" reads:

     Speak gently to the little child!
     Its love be sure to gain;
     Teach it in accents soft and mild: --
     It may not long remain.

While Carroll's begins:

     Speak roughly to your little boy,
     And beat him when he sneezes;
     He only does it to annoy,
     Because he knows it teases.


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