About Poetry
Poetry • Outline • Explication

Theme • Plot • Style
Character • Setting • Voice
Writer • Writer's block

Poetic diction

Imagery • Figures of speech
Metaphor • Simile
Homeric simile
Personification • Pathetic fallacy
Synecdoche  • Metonymy
Conceit • Extended metaphor
Allegory • Motif • Symbol
Pun • Double entendre
Ambiguity • Idiom


Alliteration • Assonance
Consonance • Rhyme
Repetition • Refrain


Line • Enjambment • Caesura
Foot • Meter • Verse • Stanza

Verse forms

Epic • Narrative • Lyric • Ode
Dramatic monologue • Ballad
Blank verse • Heroic couplets
Sestina • Sonnet • Villanelle
List of poetic forms

Modern poetry

Free verse • Prose poetry
Haiku in English • Tanka

Much, much more ...

Collaborative poetry
Glossary of poetry terms
How to - topics


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Alternative poetry

Oral tradition
Oral interpretation • Oral literature
Oral poetry • Ethnopoetics
Poetry reading
How to read poetry out loud
Performance poetry
How to perform poetry
Sound poetry • Slam poetry
Spoken word • Rap • Dub

Found poetry

Cento  • Erasure poetry
Cut-up technique
Flarf • Spoetry

Visual poetry

Pattern poetry
Carmen figuratum
Diamante • Calligram
Concrete poetry
How to write a concrete poem
Haptic poetry
Concrete and visual poets

Digital poetry

Hypertext poetry
Interactive poetry

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Spoken poetryEdit

  1. Oral tradition, Oral literature
  2. Oral interpretation, Oral poetry
  3. Poetry reading
  4. How to read poetry out loud
  5. Performance poetry, Sound poetry
  6. How to perform poetry
  7. Slam poetry, Spoken word, Rapping, Dub poetry

Written poetry Edit

  1. Outline of poetry, Poetry, Poetry explication
  2. Literature, Theme, Plot
  3. Style, Setting, Voice
  4. Writer's block
  5. Poetic diction, Imagery, Figures of speech
  6. Metaphor, Idiom, Symbol
  7. Alliteration, Assonance, Consonance
  8. Rhyme, Refrain
  9. Line, Enjambment, Caesura
  10. Prosody, Meter, Foot
  11. Verse, Stanzas, Verse forms
  12. Epic, Narrative
  13. Lyric, Ode
  14. Ballad, Dramatic monologue
  15. Blank verse, Heroic couplets
  16. Sonnet studies
  17. Villanelle, Sestina
  18. Free verse, Prose poetry
  19. Haiku in English, Tanka
  20. Collaborative poetry

Experimental poetryEdit

  1. Found poetry, Cento,
  2. Erasure poetry , Cut-up technique
  3. Flarf, Spoetry
  4. Visual poetry, Pattern poetry, Concrete poetry,
  5. Carmen figuratum, Diamante, Calligram
  6. Sound poetry, Haptic poetry
  7. Digital poetry, Hypertext poetry, Interactive poetry

How toEdit

  1. How to - topics


  1. Index of poetry terms
  2. Index of literary terms
  3. Index of poetic forms

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