Child with red hair reading

"Child with Red Hair Reading" by Lilla Cabot Perry (1848-1933). Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Penny's poetry pages About poems are the place to read and post poetry. You can search for a favorite, or browse by title or author.

Posting poemsEdit

You are also free to post your own favorite poems here; both classics and poetry that you've written yourself. In fact, that would be appreciated. Just remember our policy: All of the poems we print are either (1) in the public domain in the United States (meaning in most cases that the work was published in 1922 or earlier), or (2) licensed under Creative Commons.

If you wish to add your own poems as well, feel free to do so. Understand that, by posting here, you will be granting a Creative Commons license to anyone to use your poem. (Wikia's rule, not mine.)

Before posting, please read our guide to Adding poems.)

Copying poemsEdit

If you maintain your own blog or wiki, and would like to copy any of the poems you read here, feel free to do that, too; just remember to credit the author (and crediting/linking Penny's Poetry Pages would be nice, too.)


Index of authorsEdit

Index of titlesEdit

The 350 or so poems currently archived on Penny's Poetry Pages.

Poems by centuryEdit

Additional poemsEdit

Hundreds of poems printed in full in articles on Penny's Poetry Pages, including all of Shakespeare's Sonnets.

Even more poemsEdit

Over 300 poems archived at Poetry Wikia.

Children's poemsEdit

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